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2 years ago

They will give you reasons to smile

They will give you reasons to smile
      Does anybody knows the song "Just give me a Reason" by an american singer P!nk.? Yeah I know you do because it is really a huge hit! Also, singers around the globe has made their own rendition of the song but these kids from Bohol, Philippines will surely make your day by their own swag of the song.  
      Sandy (9 years old) and Emman(12) audition for the popular tv show of ABS-CBN , The Voice Kids Philippines. They sang the visayan rendition of "Just give me a Reason"  while they played their own instruments Sandy played the  yukelele while Emman(12) played their fathers invented instrument called "diwdiw", it is made of bamboo and chamberpot(arinola). Their performance made coach Bamboo turn and was amazed of their talent.
       Do you believe they can make it in the competition.? Filipino is really talented. Share this!